B&R is committed to promoting talent among engineering community in the context of education in advanced topics of automation with a view to prepare students for the exciting innovations coming in future.

The Education Network is a program to promote cooperation between technical training centers, colleges, universities and B&R. Automation is an important element in all manufacturing operations and industry expects new recruits to have basic skills in this technology. Moreover, in the era of industrial IoT and industry 4.0, the evolution of technology is so rapid, engineering curriculum struggles to keep pace. B&R Education Network is a well-structured program of collaboration to improve the employability of engineering graduates.


  • Work together with technical centres, technical colleges, and universities to develop teaching and learning concepts
  • Promote the education for tomorrow’s engineer
  • Collaborate with college and universities to ensure that they are learning with tomorrow’s technology
  • Provide technical support for final year projects and thesis
  • Provide touch and feel of state-of-the-art technologies

Benefits of this Program

  • It is an integrated system for delivery of concepts & skills via all through methodologies, lecture, hands-on experience and self-learning
  • A special licensing policy for a most advanced programming platform – B&R Automation studio – supporting development of automation projects with concepts like simulation, modelling and Virtual Commissioning
  • A tuned and matched set of exercises and examples
  • A strong program for Trainers – free of cost!
  • Seminars and workshops at universities on a regular basis – expertise talks on latest automation
  • Real time projects for final and pre-final students to be industry ready

Contact Persons

Surendra Lavate
Head – Business Development Industry& Education Network

Mobile: +91 7757008975

Hatim Patrawala
Engineer – Business Development Industry & Education Network

Mobile: +91 9825118073


B&R Education Network India
E-Mail: education.in@br-automation.com
Telephone: +91 20 414 78 – 999

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