General information
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
Cable construction
Type Hybrid cable, 25 wires
Properties Halogen- and silicone-free
Supply lines
Material Tinned copper stranded wire
Permissible operating voltage +30 VDC
Outer jacket
Material Flame-retardant PUR
Color Similar to RAL 7012
Cable elements
Control devices Direct connection between control devices and monitoring device (6 wires)
CAN 2 pairs with shielding (5 wires)
Ethernet Twisted pair cable for Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) (4 wires, male RJ45 connector)
Serial 3 wires
Power supply 24 VDC supply voltage and grounding (3 wires), SELV
Enable switch Direct connection between enable switch and monitoring device (6 wires)
Type Jacob GmbH type: PERFECT 50.620 M
Electrical properties
Conductor resistance ≤140 Ω/km (0.15 mm² conductor)
≤27 Ω/km (0.75 mm² conductor)
Insulation resistance ≤500 Ω/km
Operating conditions
Shield attenuation Per IEC 60096-1, Amendment 2
Flame-retardant Per IEC 60332-1 and VW1 / FT1 in accordance with C-UL
Oil and hydrolysis resistance Per VDE 0282-10
Ambient conditions
Moving -20 to 60°C
Static -20 to 80°C
Mechanical properties
Length 5 m ±14 cm
Diameter 10 mm
Bend radius
Moving 60 mm
Fixed installation 30 mm
Weight 160 g/m
Tension Max. 140 N
Mobile Panel box cable - With wire end sleeves - With connector contacts - 5 m
Документация Version (Date) Download
Mobile Panel 7100 User's manual PDF / 20 МБ
Mobile Panel 7200 user's manual PDF / 9 МБ

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