Our automation solutions are already contributing to the success of leading companies in the plastics industry. Here you can read about how they are profiting from B&R solutions.

Injecting flexibility into machine design – LWB Steinl

The requirements LWB laid out for its new generation of rubber injection presses were both demanding and innovative: Smartphone-like operation, rapid software development and easy management of machine variants. With B&R's mapp Technology, the company has achieved these goals successfully and sustainably. Read the full report

Entirely new possibilities for injection molding machines – Woojin Plaimm

A more user-friendly HMI and simplified data interpretation and processing: find out how Woojin Plaimm did it with B&R. Read the full report

Faster, easier extruder changeover – TwinScrew

The search for a more refined alternative to troublesome manual calibration led TwinScrew to B&R. Read the full report

Connecting systems and integrating data – WEMO Automation

With B&R, WEMO is able to collect data from various production units and combine it with existing data. Integration of all their systems brings many advantages, including shorter setup times and faster changeover. Read the full report

Faster to market without the trade-offs – Mikrosan

Find out how B&R helped Mikrosan complete development and testing of its first all-electric extrusion blow molding machine in half the time without compromising quality or performance. Read the full report

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