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X67 System User´s Manual


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3.30 EN 06.05.2019 19 MB PDF X67 System-ENG_V3.30.pdf
3.30 DE 06.05.2019 19 MB PDF X67 System-GER_V3.30.pdf
Descripción X67 System User´s Manual

(Contains only the most important changes in this user's manual. Several updates, corrections and format variations are not included.)

March 2019

Updated section "Mechanical and electrical configuration".
• Added missing fuses in figures.
Updated section "Accessories".
Updated section "International and national certifications".
Updated section "Additional information".
• I/O modules on the bus controller
• NetTime Technology
Updated data sheets.
• Corrected input/output circuit diagram for bus controllers.
• Updated technical data.

March 2018

Added new module.
• X67BC8780.L12
Updated section "Accessories".
Updated data sheets.

July 2017

Added new module.
• X67HB8880.L12
Corrected cable color error in data sheets.
Updated data sheets.

Version 3.00
March 2017
New edition
• Updated all chapters.
• Modified chapter structure.
° Added separate chapter "Safety guidelines" after "General information".
° Moved all data sheets after chapter "Standards and certifications".
° Combined module overviews and B&R ID index into common section.
° Added new chapter "Additional information" after chapter "Data sheets".
° Removed model number index, index and appendices.

• Revised and updated chapter "Standards and certifications".
° Added detailed overview of standards and testing requirements.
° Added links to certificates on B&R website.
° Added "Applicable standards" for individual certifications.
° Updated names of standards throughout book.

• Updated all data sheets
° Updated or added register descriptions.
° Added pinouts and connection examples.
° Updated technical data
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