The decisive technological advantages enable your adaptive machine:

Merge product flows

Diverging product flows

Fault tolerance

Parallel processing

Scalable machinery

Reduced footprint

Parallel processing

The product flow can be divided, pass through multiple processing stations and then merge further down the line. Time-critical processes are accelerated, cycle times are reduced and productivity increases.

Cooling system

Hot performance through smart cooling

Motor segments for the intelligent ACOPOStrak system are now also available with built-in liquid cooling. This extends the track's performance capacity. The cooling system is integrated directly in the motor segment, so the cooling system requires no additional installation.

In highly dynamic applications, large numbers of shuttles accelerate and brake on certain track segments. This generates heat. Motor segments with integrated cooling can provide targeted relief in these cases. ACOPOStrak motor segments are available with or without a built-in cooling system, and the track can be put together modularly. This makes it possible to minimize cooling costs, since cooling is limited to the segments that actually need it.

The liquid cooling system pumps cooling water through a cooling circuit. This absorbs heat from components and releases it into the surrounding air via a heat exchanger.


  • Increased performance
  • No additional installation
  • Modular system
  • Cost savings

Thermal calculations made easy

The mapp Trak system software calculates exactly where the track system's power requirements are the highest. From this information, it is able to determine how much heat will be generated in each track segment. In the simulation of the software, it becomes visible which parts of the track require cooled motor segments.

Note: Technical implementation is ongoing. For details please contact your B&R representative.

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