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  • Buffering for 24 VDC consumers
  • Output current to 20 A
  • Can be switched in parallel for larger buffer currents and times
  • Easy to switch in parallel to the power supply or to the load in the 24 VDC circuit
  • Simple and problem-free retrofitting of existing systems
  • Suitable for industry because of capacitor-based energy storage (no rechargeable battery)
  • High MTBF (>500,000 h)
  • International certification package
  • Wide temperature range from -25 to +70°C
Material Number Description
0PB0200.1 24 VDC buffer module, 0 to 20 A, buffer time 0.2 s at 20 A to 4 s at 1 A, top-hat rail installation

Function Principle and Application

The buffer module is an accessory for regulated 24 VDC power supplies. The energy from the DC circuit is stored in capacitors and then used in the event of a power failure or when needed to handle overloads. Machines and systems can be easily equipped with the buffer module for use worldwide in unstable power circuits. Buffering times less than 4 seconds make it the ideal alternative to a DC UPS (cost effective, requires less space, maintenance-free). When short-term currents peaks occur, it provides the required energy and therefore prevents the otherwise common task of over-dimensioning the power supply.

Protection during Power Supply Failures

Statistics show that 80 % of all power failures are shorter than 0.2 s. These power failures are completely bypassed and do not affect the DC voltage. This increases the reliability and availability of the entire system.

After a power failure or a shutdown, the buffer module delivers the load current for a specified amount of time and reports the loss via signal terminals. Process data can be saved and processes can be terminated, before the DC voltage is switched off. Controlled restarts are then possible.

Easy-to-operate, expandable, maintenance-free

The buffer module does not require any control lines. It can be connected in parallel at any location in the load current circuit. Five buffer modules can be connected in parallel for redundancy or to extend the buffering time. The double terminals allow easy wiring.

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