General information
LEDs Power/User, CF
B&R ID code $1AD0
Type -
Service life -
Removable -
Backup capacitor
Buffer time -
Variant -
Power button No
Reset button Yes
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
Bootloader Automation Runtime
Type Geode SC2200
Clock frequency 266 MHz
L1 cache 16 kB
L2 cache -
Expanded command set MMX technology, streaming SIMD extension
Floating point unit (FPU) Yes
Flash 2 MB (for firmware)
Cooling Passive via heat sink
Mode/Node switches 2, 16 digits each
Watchdog No
Real-time clock
Accuracy At 25°C: typ. 10 ppm (1 seconds) per day
Battery-backed No
Power failure logic
Controller -
Buffer time -
Controller Geode SC2200
Memory 2 MB shared memory (reserved by main memory)
Size -
Battery-backed -
Type Color TFT
Diagonal 10.4" (264 mm)
Colors 256
Resolution VGA, 640 x 480 pixels
Contrast 600:1
Viewing angles
Horizontal Direction R / Direction L = 70°
Vertical Direction U = 45°/ direction D = 55°
Brightness 350 cd/m²
Half-brightness time 55,000 h
Filter glass
Transmittance -
Anti-reflective coating -
Touch screen
Type Elo Accu Touch
Technology Analog, resistive, Elo
Controller Hampshire, serial, 12-bit
Transmittance 78%
Type RS232, modem-capable, not electrically isolated
Variant 9-pin DSUB plug
UART 16550-compatible, 16-byte FIFO
Max. baud rate 115 kbit/s
CompactFlash slot 1
Type Type I
Quantity 2
Type USB 1.1
Variant Type A
Transfer rate Low speed (1.5 Mbit/s), full speed (12 Mbit/s)
Current-carrying capacity Max. 500mA per connection
Quantity 1
Controller MacPhyter DP83816
Transfer rate 10/100 Mbit/s
Max. baud rate 100 Mbit/s
Function keys 28 with LED (yellow)
Soft keys 10 with LED (yellow)
System keys Numeric keys, cursor block
Service life > 1,000,000 actuations at 1 ±0.3 N to 3 ±0.3 N actuating force
aPCI slots No
Electrical properties
Nominal voltage 24 VDC ±25%
Bleeder resistance ≤ 24 kΩ
Inrush current Max. 20 A for < 1 ms
Power consumption Typ. 17 W, max. 23 W
Galvanic isolation No
Operating conditions
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20 back side (only with installed CompactFlash card)
IP65 / NEMA 250 type 4X, dust and sprayed water protection (front side)
Ambient conditions
Operation 0 to 50°C
Storage -20 to 70°C
Transport -20 to 70°C
Operation (continuous) 2 to 9 Hz: 1.75 mm amplitude / 9 to 200 Hz: 0.5 g
Operation (occasional) 2 to 9 Hz: 3.5 mm amplitude / 9 to 200 Hz: 1 g
Storage 2 to 8 Hz: 7.5 mm amplitude / 8 to 200 Hz: 2 g / 200 to 500 Hz: 4 g
Transport 2 to 8 Hz: 7.5 mm amplitude / 8 to 200 Hz: 2 g / 200 to 500 Hz: 4 g
Operation 15 g, 11 ms
Storage 30 g, 15 ms
Transport 30 g, 15 ms
Operation Max. 3000 m
Mechanical properties
Material Metal
Frame Naturally anodized aluminum
Design Gray
Panel overlay
Material Polyester
Light background color Similar to Pantone 427CV
Dark border color around display Similar to Pantone432CV
Dark gray keys Similar to Pantone 431CV
Orange keys Similar to Pantone 151CV
Color slide-in labels Similar to Pantone 429CV
Gasket Flat gasket around display front
Width 323 mm
Height 358 mm
Depth 65.5 mm
Weight 4600 g
Material number:
Power Panel PP181 10.4" VGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive); 10 softkeys; 28 function keys and 20 system keys; 64 MB SDRAM; Compact Flash slot (type I); ETH 10/100; RS 232; 2xUSB; metal housing, IP 65 protection (front side); 24 VDC (screw clamp 0TB103.9 or cage clamp 0TB103.91 must be ordered separately).
Mandatory Accessories
0TB103.9 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Screw clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
0TB103.91 Connector 24 VDC - 3-pin, female - Cage clamp terminal block 3.31 mm²
CompactFlash cards
5CFCRD.0064-03 CompactFlash 64 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0128-03 CompactFlash 128 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0256-03 CompactFlash 256 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.0512-03 CompactFlash 512 MB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.1024-03 CompactFlash 1 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.2048-03 CompactFlash 2 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.4096-03 CompactFlash 4 GB Western Digital (SLC)
5CFCRD.8192-03 CompactFlash 8 GB Western Digital (SLC)
Optional Accessories
USB accessories
5MMUSB.2048-01 USB 2.0 flash drive 2048 MB B&R
5AC900.104X-00 Legend Strips Template 10,4" For Power Panel 4PP151.1043-31, 4PP181.1043-31, 4PP251.1043-75, 4PP251.1043-B5, 4PP281.1043-75, 4PP281.1043-B5, 4PP481.1043-75, 4PP481.1043-B5. For Panel PC 5PC781.1043-00. For 1 device.
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Power Panel 100/200 User's Manual PDF / 25 MB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D file DXF/STEP 4PP151.1043-31, 4PP181.1043-31 ZIP / 4 MB
Dimensions pdf 4PP151.1043-31, 4PP181.1043-31 PDF / 223 KB
Legend Strips template for 5AC900.104X-00 ZIP / 153 KB

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