Terminal block
Note Rated values according to UL
Number of pins 2
Type of terminal block Cage clamps
Cable type Only copper wires (no aluminum wires!)
Pitch 5.08 mm
Connection cross section
AWG wire 26 to 12 AWG
Wire end sleeves with plastic covering 0.20 to 1.50 mm²
Single-wire 0.20 to 2.50 mm²
Fine-stranded wires 0.20 to 2.50 mm²
With wire end sleeves 0.20 to 2.50 mm²
Electrical properties
Nominal voltage 300 V
Nominal current 15 A / contakt
Contact resistance ≤5 mΩ
Material number:
Accessory terminal block, 2-pin, AX2, cage clamps 2.5 mm²

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