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When you bring together companies like Pariani, B&R and Hilscher to build a control system for luxury yachts, it should come as little surprise that the result blends elegance and sophisticated design with reliable, cutting-edge technology truly worthy of the designation "7-star command bridge".

For more than 40 years, Pariani has shared its extensive experience to offer the highest levels of performance, quality and service. The latest development that Pariani presents to its customers is the futuristic and elegant Glass Bridge console. Here, reliable B&R controllers and Hilscher communication modules were selected to make the best possible use of the determinism, speed and reliability offered by the Ethernet POWERLINK bus.

Whether during a maneuver or at full speed ahead: everything on the bridge must be fully operational. On a super-yacht, no detail is left to chance. That is why Pariani has designed the Glass Bridge console as the highest expression of technology and ergonomics. Design and Italian flair are combined with automation and sophisticated communication technologies to provide an incomparably emotional and tactile control experience.

The console is controlled by powerful X20 modules from B&R. Each of the controllers on the reliable real-time network is operated by Hilscher netX communication processors. Glass Bridge communicates with POWERLINK. The result is an intuitive, personalizable command bridge any captain would be happy to rely on for a safe journey.

For the Glass Bridge, Pariani chose the efficiency, robustness and flexibility of the POWERLINK bus – a communication standard that is highly valued in the shipbuilding sector. In addition to control stations, POWERLINK-enabled hardware components have been developed to meet the industry's strict requirements for security, stability and transparency.

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