Short description
Communication module 1x CAN bus, 1x POWERLINK (V1/V2) managing or controlled node
General information
B&R ID code 0x1DF5
Ready relay Normally open and normally closed contact, max. 30 VDC, max. 6 A
Status indicators Status of the POWERLINK station, network activity, link/collision for IF2
Bus function (IF2) Yes, using LED status indicator and software
Data transfer (IF1) Yes, using software
Station status (IF2) Yes, using LED status indicator and software
Power consumption 4.0 W
Electrical isolation
IF1 - IF2 Yes
PC - IFx Yes
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
EAC Product family certification
SRAM 1 MB, battery-backed
Interface IF1
Signal CAN bus
Variant 4-pin male multipoint connector
Max. distance 1000 m
Transfer rate Max. 1 Mbit/s
Interface IF2
Fieldbus POWERLINK (V1/V2) managing or controlled node
Type Type 3
Variant 1x shielded RJ45 port
Line length Max. 100 m between 2 stations (segment length)
Transfer rate 100 Mbit/s
Physical layer 100BASE-T
Half-duplex Yes
Full-duplex POWERLINK mode: No / Ethernet mode: Yes
Autonegotiation Yes
Operating conditions
Degree of protection per EN 60529 IP20 in installed state
Ambient conditions
Operation 0 to 55°C
Storage -25 to 70°C
Relative humidity
Operation 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Mechanical properties
Note Order 2x TB704 terminal blocks separately
Lithium battery included in content of delivery
Slot Standard PCI half-size module, Plug & Play
Installation in
B&R Automation PC Yes
B&R Panel PC Yes
Desktop PC Yes
  • POWERLINK (V1/V2) for real-time Ethernet communication
  • CAN bus

Logic scanner module 5LS187.6-1 is a PCI half-size module. It supports plug and play and has 1 MB SRAM for remanent data (process variables and data objects). Memory available for remanent process variables depends on the CPU, Automation Runtime, etc.

5LS187.6-1 is a POWERLINK logic scanner module that can be used as a manager or bus controller module. It is connected via an RJ45 port.

The module is equipped with a CAN bus interface with separate object buffers in the transmit and receive direction.

The module is also equipped with a ready relay.

Включено в комплект поставки
4A0006.00-000 Литиевая батарея, 3 В / 950 мА·ч, кнопочная
Необходимые аксессуары
Terminal blocks
0TB704.9 Принадлежность, 4-контактная клеммная колодка с винтовыми зажимами 2,5 мм²
0TB704.91 Принадлежность клеммная колодка, 4-контактная, нажимная клеммная колодка 2,5 мм²
Дополнительные аксессуары
0AC201.91 Литиевые батареи, 4 шт., 3 В / 950 мА·ч, кнопочные
Infrastructure components
0AC913.93 Bus adapter, CAN bus, 2 CAN bus interfaces, including 03 m attachment cable (TB704)
E-CAD (шаблоны Electro или EPLAN) Version (Date) Download
APC EPLAN P8 from V2.4 EXE / 99 МБ
Документация Version (Date) Download
Data sheet 5LS187.6-1 PDF / 4 МБ
Обновление Automation Studio HW Version (Date) Download
V2.7 HW Upgrade (5LS187.6-1) EXE / 643 кБ
V3.0 HW Upgrade (5LS187.6-1) EXE / 644 кБ
V4.0 HW Upgrade (5LS187.6-1) EXE / 2 МБ

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