Number of gear stages 2
Gear ratio i 12
Nominal output torque T2N [Nm] 780.0
Max. output torque T2max [Nm] 1248.0
Emergency switch-off torque T2stop [Nm] 1500
Idle torque [Nm] at 20°C and 3000 rpm 5.65
Max. average drive speed n1N50% [rpm] at 50% T2N and S1 1200
Max. average drive speed n1N100% [rpm] at 100% T2N and S1 900
Max. drive speed n1max [rpm] 6500
Max. backlash Jt [arcmin] 5
Reduced backlash Jt [arcmin] less than 1
Torsional rigidity Ct21 [Nm/arcmin] 46.0
Tilting rigidity C2K [Nm/arcmin] 0.0
Max. breakdown torque M2Kmax [Nm] 0.0
Max. radial force Frmax [N] for 30,000 h 11400
Max. radial force Frmax [N] for 20,000 h 12500
Max. axial force Famax [N] for 30,000 h 13200
Max. axial force Famax [N] for 20,000 h 15000
Operating noise LPA [dB(A)] 68
Efficiency at full load ŋ [%] 95
Min. operating temperature BTempmin [°C] -25
Max. operating temperature BTempmax [°C] 90
Mounting orientation Any
Degree of protection IP 65
Weight m [kg] 20.50
Moment of inertia J1 [kgcm2] 16.720
Koaxiales PG, i = 012, 2 stages, IP 65

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