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The Purchasing department is a vital link within the company and offers the possibility to consistently reduce overall costs while maintaining the high level of quality essential to our business success. Partnership with our suppliers is an important part of our company philosophy.

Strategic Purchasing

Strategic Purchasing team members are experts in their specific product groups and work to develop mid- and long-term purchasing strategies with regard to material groups and supplier management. As part of key supply management, an important task handled by the Strategic Purchasing team is managing contracts while making sure the various needs of the company are met.

Operative Purchasing

The Operative Purchasing department works together with strategically approved suppliers to ensure availability of the required materials in the defined quality and at the "best price". As an important interface between production planning, manufacturing and sales, Operative Purchasing uses the latest material planning tools to continually optimize order sizes and inventory management in order to have the flexibility needed to meet our customers' requirements.

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