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SEM250 – Automation Studio Training Memory Management and Data Storage

    • Model number:
    • SEM250.2

    • Description:
    • In addition to providing traditional control functionality, today's controllers must also be able to record and prepare data for higher-level systems while communicating with a wide range of devices in a network of machines. This is only possible with appropriate programming guidelines and software concepts.

      • Basic information about software development methods
      • Designing and programming state machines
      • Coding guidelines and software documentation
      • Variables, constants and character strings
      • Derived data types:
      • Arrays, structures, subranges, enumeration

      • Initializing, copying and comparing memory
      • Creating user libraries
      • Calling and evaluating the status of function blocks
      • The basics of data processing
      • Storing and managing data
      • Using the mapp technology recipe system
      • Transferring data and managing communication
    • Prerequisites:
    • SEM210 – Automation Studio Training: Basics

      Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R control components. Core issues include getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and knowing the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics.

      • B&R company presentation
      • B&R philosophy and products
      • Working with Automation Studio
      • Using the integrated help system
      • Establishing an online connection to the controller
      • Initial installation of a controller
      • Developing the hardware configuration
      • Working with text and table editors
      • Functions and options offered by Automation Runtime1
      • Automation Runtime configuration options
      • Runtime and boot behavior of the controller
      • Using the integrated diagnostic options
      • Overview of available programming languages
    • SEM246 – Automation Studio Workshop:IEC 61131-3 Text-based Programming with ST

      IEC 61131-3 programming languages represent a standardized approach to controller programming. Simple yet powerful language constructs make it easy to program a wide range of control systems.

      • Overview of the programming languages specified in the IEC 61131-3 standard1
      • Differences between text-based and visual programming languages
      • Working with Structured Text (ST)
      • Basic constructs
      • Decisions
      • Loops
      • Working with arrays
      • Step switching mechanisms
      • Calling function blocks
      • Calling actions
      • Creating basic programs on your own
      • Option of working with another programming language
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