B&R customers will be able to choose from up to 40 different ABB robots. These include articulated arm, SCARA, delta and palletizer robots in various sizes and with various payloads.

  • Highlights
  • Large selection of robot types
  • Scalable size and payload capacity
  • Proven ABB mechanics

From smaller models with a four-kilogram payload and a half-meter reach, to large palletizer robots that move payloads of up to 250 kilograms around a three-meter radius.

ABB has installed over 300,000 robots worldwide, and B&R customers are now able to profit directly from this extensive know-how.

Robot type



6-axis robot

0.475 - 3.2 m

4 - 300 kg

Palletizer robot

3.15 m

180 - 250 kg

Delta robot

0.8 - 1.6 m

1 - 8 kg

SCARA robot

0.45 - 0.65 m

3 kg

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