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B&R remains fully functional and dedicated to customers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The spread of COVID-19 has been holding the world in suspense since the beginning of 2020. The enormous health risk combined with governmentally decreed measures have led to economic challenges for most companies around the world. B&R reacted decisively and prudently to this situation right from the start, ensuring that we continue to be available to our customers.

Early and determined methods, such as smart working in a home office environment and separation of workplaces and shift teams in the factories, have been implemented. We have also stayed in contact with business partners in the form of online meetings whenever possible and suitable. In this way, we have ensured the continuity of our global operations.

We continue to reliably deliver our products

Thanks to systematic procedures and the strong commitment of all employees, we have been able to and can still serve our customers without interruptions. We are of course observing the further development of infection rates, making sure we follow all regulations set forth by the authorities and continuing to protect our 4000 employees, their families, B&R operations and our business partners.

Thanks to a long-sighted inventory strategy, the flow of materials was never impaired and we have been and are still able to deliver in accordance with customer needs. The stock levels in our main warehouses in Eggelsberg, Shanghai, Atlanta and Pune remain high. Additionally, we have allocated sufficient cargo capacity to serve customers around the globe in a timely manner.

The mandatory international travel limitations remain a challenge for our customers, business partners and for B&R. We have to work within the set boundaries for the time being until restrictions are lifted and we can return to established methods. Local visits within individual countries will be kept intact as permitted by local governments.

Extensive support through remote maintenance tools

B&R remote maintenance tools are fully utilized to support customers during commissioning and service. Many business partners take advantage of these possibilities and appreciate the efficiency of our solutions. Furthermore, we quickly established online collaboration platforms for training, meetings and discussions to ensure ongoing interaction with customers and other business partners.

As before the crisis, our relentless commitment to serve customers remains unchanged. The entire B&R team is available to collaborate with customers. The capacity of operations is regularly adapted to changing demands. B&R will continue to invest in and deliver leading technology and thus drive innovation in machine automation.

Stable financial situation

Economically, B&R is in healthy and stable condition. Financial reserves have been built over the years. Additionally, B&R is even stronger as a member of the ABB Group. The COVID-19 crisis peaked in China several weeks ago and the country has returned to normal life, both publically and economically. B&R China is back to full operation and the previous business levels have resumed. This gives other countries around the world a great deal of confidence to revive quickly once peak infection rates have passed.

We wish our business partners all the best on their path through and out of this crisis. As always, our worldwide team will work with uppermost dedication and persistent focus to continue to be your reliable partner.

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