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ETA410.0100-132 – ACOPOS P3 drive technology

State-of-the-art motion control technology is prominent feature of high-performance machinery. This ETA system combines an ACOPOS P3 servo drive and two B&R synchronous motors in a single compact unit. It allows a variety of single-axis and multi-axis applications to be implemented. Each motor has a toothed gear and cam disk installed as a mechanical load. This allows realistic representation of axis coupling applications. The integrated hardware limit switch allows trigger functions and various homing procedures to be tested on the B&R drive solution.

This ETA system is designed as an "extension".

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • ETA410.0100-132 von vorne
  • ETA410.0100-132 von rechts
  • ETA410.0100-132 von hinten
  • ETA410.0100-132 von links
  • ETA410.0100-132 von oben
  • ETA410.0100-132_ANW_von vorne
  • ETA410.0100-132_ANW von rechts
  • ETA410.0100-132_ANW_von links
  • ETA410.0100-132_ANW_von oben
  • ETA410.0100-132_ANW von hinten
  • Areas of application and features:
  • Referencing via hardware limit switches
  • The integrated limit switch can be used to demonstrate various trigger functions.

  • PLCopen / mapp Technology programming
  • All of the functions in the PLCopen library can be used with the ACOPOS system. Convenient mapp Technology components make configuration, programming and diagnostics easier.

  • Drive preparation
  • The system makes it possible to perform initial startup of the ACOPOS, install software updates and test drive functionality.

  • Perform absolute and relative movements
  • All types of movement that can be performed by a B&R drive solution can be tested. There is no risk of injury because the motor shafts are behind a sheet of Plexiglas.

  • Working with the NC testing environment
  • Work with NC Watch, the command interface and the parameter window; Create axis traces and network command traces; Work with trigger conditions

  • Lag error simulation
  • Autotuning
  • Electronic gear coupling and cam coupling
  • The integrated toothed gear and cam disk allow coupling tasks to be clearly demonstrated.

  • 24 VDC power supply
  • The ACOPOS system is supplied with 24 VDC via the DC bus.

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