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Integrated safe motion control allows machine manufacturers to implement new functions and provides additional freedom for the mechanical design. This ETA system demonstrates the benefits of safe motion control. The SafeMC functionality in the PLCopen Safety library provides a large number of safe drive operations and monitoring possibilities. For example, the built-in hardware switch allows the safe homing function to be used.

This ETA system is designed as an "extension".

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • Areas of application and features:
  • Demonstration of the principles of integrated safe motion control
  • Demonstration of the integrated safety functions
    • STO, STO1, SOS
    • SBC
    • SS1, SS2
    • SLS, SMS
    • SDI
    • SLI, SLP, SMP
  • Setting up and configuring safe axes
  • Creating a safety application with safe drive functions
  • Using PLCopen Safety function blocks
  • Safe referencing via hardware limit switches
  • Commissioning, network communication, diagnostics and software updates

Lütfen ülke ve dil seçiniz

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