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B&R continues to add new functions and editors that make it easier than ever to create HMI applications using its web-based mapp View HMI system. New features include improved support for Asian languages and simplified integration of external data sources.

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mapp View currently supports 23 languages and 20 different keyboard layouts. Not only have new keyboard layouts for entering Chinese and other characters been added to mapp View, users now also have the ability to incorporate their own languages and keyboard layouts.

Interfacing with OPC UA

External data sources can be integrated directly into mapp View HMI applications via OPC UA. To simplify this, it will soon be possible to import device description files from OPC UA servers into Automation Studio. mapp View can then access these files to learn which data the server will be providing. This data can be used in mapp View without having to manually enter the names or addresses of the data points.

WYSIWYG editing for entire pages

It will now be even easier to edit entire pages in mapp View. While mapp View has already provided a visual editor for positioning and designing widgets, this convenience will now be available for entire pages as well. This is particularly beneficial when designing HMI applications for a variety of output media. Making settings in XML files is no longer necessary.

B&R also offers predesigned HMI templates for typical applications. HMI developers can simply open these templates in the new visual editor and quickly adapt them to their needs.

It is now even easier to design entire HMI pages with mapp View.

Intelligent Toolbox

The mapp View Toolbox is becoming smarter as well. It can automatically detect the widget selected by the user so that only the functions available for that widget are offered. This makes the configuration of charts much more intuitive, for example.

It is also easier to define events bindings in mapp View. Instead of having to manually enter and modify a bunch of data in an XML file, bindings can be created directly in the widget. mapp View automatically generates a suitable XML framework where only the desired actions need to be entered. The upshot is less time and effort spent on HMI application development.


Autocomplete and IntelliSense are now also supported in the mapp View XML editor, speeding up data entry and eliminating typos at the same time. Other improvements have been made to the property editors. Whether it's quickly setting up complex data types like those for color gradients or selecting text, units and color values – it's now much easier and more intuitive in the new editors.

User-defined widgets

mapp View comes with a large set of standard widgets, as well as themes and styles that allow developers to adapt their appearance to the system design. Now, it is also possible for users to create and save their own widgets. The developer can modify the height, width and style of an existing widget and then save it as a new widget. OEMs can create libraries of their own widgets to be reused for each new machine.

In addition to individual widgets, mapp View users can also save multiple widgets as a group, for example two input fields and a button for username, password and confirmation. This way, frequently used interface elements can be designed once and reused again and again with minimal effort.

New widgets for streamlined HMI design

Existing widgets can be modified and saved as templates.
Multiple widgets can be combined and saved as a grouped widget. This way, frequently used elements can be integrated even easier into HMI applications.

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