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When: Thurs, September 21, 2017

Where: 8500 Frauenfeld

A place of mindfulness and many encounters

The Ittingen charterhouse combines monastic values such as culture, spirituality, education, welfare, hospitality and self-reliance in a unique way.

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68 stylishly modern hotel rooms will make you want to extend your stay at the idyllic former monastery.

For seminars, conferences and workshops, the Ittingen charterhouse is an ideal place to stay in beautiful surroundings and with a wide range of additional activities. The modern infrastructure offers optimal conditions for intensive work and an inspiring experience. There are a total of 21 rooms, all with natural light. Ideal for 4 to 450 participants.

The team at the "Mühle" restaurant (mill restaurant) will treat you to healthy and tasty food. Here, completely in the spirit of the monastic tradition of self-reliance, we offer a cheese maker, a butcher shop and a garden nursery on our estate. Our idyllic farm garden is one of the most beautiful in the region.

In the monastery shop, you'll find our full range of self-reliance products. When producing goods, we place great emphasis on natural cultivation of traditional products and careful processing. Many of our products can be ordered online

The Ittingen charterhouse is happy to employ men and women with physical or mental handicaps. In this way, the monastic tradition of caring for others is continued with a modern approach. In the Ittingen charterhouse dormitory, 32 people have a home and valued employment. Another 30 people, who cannot participate alone in everyday life, come daily with public transport to work a safe and secure environment.

Since 1983, the Ittingen Museum and the Thurgau Art Museum are part of the culture and the Ittingen charterhouse seminar center. The Ittingen Museum forms the core of the charterhouse. It focuses on the history of the town and the Carthusian Order. The Thurgau Art Museum, with its small but noteworthy collection and engaging exhibitions, is a modern contrast to the idyllic past of the historic rooms.

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