Environmental and recycling technology

Increased environmental awareness and the accompanying automated processing of all types of waste places special demands on the control systems used. The automation systems being used here are subject to adverse conditions caused by environmental factors such as dust, dirt, heat, cold, vibration, etc. Reliability as well as easy operation saves energy improves tool use are essential factors that must be met by a control systems working in this environment. B&R systems also offer high reliability and other important functions.

For example, high-performance hardware and software are available for sorting processes that enable fast movements.

B&R also offers a unique, integrated and modular control system, which couples a high IP rating with excellent flexibility and applies the power of industrial automation to mobile automation applications.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal

  • Special control systems with IP65 protection for excellent vibration resistance and a temperature range from -40°C to +70°C for cleaning vehicles
  • Waste transport vehicles, cranes and excavators
Water and sewage handling

Water and sewage handling

  • A professional process control system with the acquisition, evaluation and archiving of all relevant data using a high-availability industrial PC
  • High reliability with the use of redundant systems
  • Modern visualization components and software ensure easy operation
Exhaust and emissions

Exhaust and emissions

  • Professional visualization systems ensure optimal operability
  • Complete acquisition, evaluation and archiving of all relevant data using a high-availability industrial PC
Shredding, crushing, milling

Shredding, crushing, milling

  • Detection of worn parts as part of preventive maintenance using extensive condition monitoring functions
  • Touch screen operation, even in harsh conditions
  • Remote maintenance, remote tasks
  • Comprehensive energy monitoring and energy management for optimized efficiency
  • Operating data acquisition
  • Extensive integrated safety functionality


Binder+Co AG (A)

Sorting machines, filtration systems. Glass, plastic sorting

Pellenc Selective Technologies (F)

Sorting machines for plastic, wood, metal, garbage

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology (D)

Sorting technology for metals, X-ray technology, color sorting

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