Innovative solutions for the maritime industry and offshore applications

From cargo vessels and offshore platforms to ports, shipyards and even unmanned underwater vehicles, navigating the maritime and offshore industry requires a broad range of highly specialized applications and technology.

We'll help you chart the most efficient course to success. B&R's commitment to Scalability+ means you can rely on rugged, distributed and scalable hardware together with conveniently encapsulated software components that handle your application's core functionality. This allows you to focus your resources on the key innovations that set your application apart. B&R solutions accelerate your time to market while boosting the performance, efficiency and quality of your equipment.

The smart ship – Integrated, open, safe and secure

APROL – Your flexible platform for smart ship process control

Smart ship technology is the key to boosting your vessel's safety, security and efficiency while simultaneously lowering operating costs. On a smart ship, all machines and systems on board are continuously automated and networked with each other. For this purpose, machines and systems are coupled to a ship process control system and coordinated, monitored and controlled with it. This ship-wide system can be operated either locally on the vessel, or remotely from the fleet management center on land.

  • Alarm & control
  • Process graphic and intervention text for each alarm
  • Frequency distribution, runtime analysis, overlapping of alarm events with trend graph
  • Multi-alarm monitor, multi-alarm server
  • Alarm & control panels with integrated buzzer control
  • Power management
  • Measurement, logging and evaluation
  • Acquisition from all energy sources and consumers
  • Generator protection and synchronization
  • Analytics for load management, consumer status, peak load
  • Process control
  • Scalability, encapsulation, reusability, modularization
  • Process graphics, picture-in-picture, zooming
  • Global concurrent engineering, multi-runtime
  • Authentication, confirmation, audit trail

Full redundancy

B&R's various redundancy options satisfy the heightened requirements of high-availability systems without expensive dedicated hardware.

Choose from:

  • Server redundancy
  • Hot standby controller redundancy
  • Various types of network redundancy
  • Power supply redundancy
  • Sensor/actuator redundancy

Robust, distributed, scalable

The X20 and X90 control and I/O systems from B&R provide the optimal solution for distributed and scalable applications. Whether mounted in an enclosure (X20 system with IP20 protection) or even directly on a combustion engine (X90 system with IP66K protection), B&R I/O is the best choice when it comes to reducing wiring costs. These systems also make it easy to offer equipment in a variety of configurations without having to develop new software for each one.

  • Certification: DNV GL, IACS UR E10, IEC 60945 including Compass Safe Distance
  • Integrated safety technology
  • ATEX and HazLoc certified
  • Extended temperature range
  • Available with protection against condensation and corrosive gases

mapp – Completely modular technology blocks

The network of precoded software components that comprise mapp Technology allow you to cut an average of two-thirds off your software development time. Save even more using the configurable, ready-made UI elements from B&R's solution for web-based HMI, mapp View. Your software engineers will be able to dedicate more time to optimizing the core process.

mapp Technology is based on the same idea as the apps on your smartphone: You simply enable the functions you want, and they automatically begin exchanging the necessary data – without the time-consuming and error-prone process of coding from scratch. Setting up a full-fledged energy monitoring system, for instance, is a matter of just a few configuration settings.

mapp currently offers more than 200 components that can shrink your time to market and maintenance costs.

  • 3-times faster development
  • Reduced software maintenance costs
  • Focus on innovations
  • Reduced development risk
  • Full OPC UA compatibility
  • Modular development of back-end and front-end functions


The only future-proof solution is an open solution. Openness allows you to work with the tools you are most comfortable using. It allows machines to communicate effortlessly with external systems, and by facilitating the reuse of existing software for future solutions, it frees up valuable time to get your product to market faster. B&R offers openness on all levels and in all products.

MATLAB, MapleSim,

Modelica, Catia, WinMOD

Operating system
Linux, Windows, VX Works

ECAD systems
Round-trip engineering
with EPLAN Electric P8

IoT / Process control / SCADA
OPC UA, web server,
HTTP(s) client, TLS, HTML5,
CSS, JavaScript

Seamlessly integrated
IEC 61131, C, C++, CFC

Remote tasks
IEC 60870-5-101, -104
IEC 61850*, IEC 61400-25*

Safety technology,

General fieldbus systems
DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET,

Fieldbus-independent safety protocol

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