Lighting plays an essential role in image quality. As an integral part of the automation system, B&R's machine vision lighting is easy to synchronize with other sensors, motor positions and events in the machine application. Lighting control with microsecond precision is even guaranteed when synchronizing multiple cameras and light sources.

Multicolor lighting for strong contrast

Image processing applications require high resolution in order to clearly identify color contrast. The Smart Camera achieves this using monochrome sensors and up to four LED light bars that can be switched between different monochromatic colors at runtime, as well as a variety of filter options.

With a color camera it would be virtually impossible to differentiate between the two orange tones RAL 2003 and RAL 2007. If you use a monochrome camera and illuminate the objects with blue light, on the other hand, there is a clear contrast between them.

Backlight collimating film for precise measurements

Very strong contrast values can be achieved by illuminating phosphorescent surfaces with ultraviolet light. Otherwise invisible security features in the foil of a champagne bottle can be seen clearly under ultraviolet light.

Backlight collimating film for precise measurements

A collimating film integrated in the backlight restricts the way light is propagated. Only rays of light traveling in a specific direction are permitted to pass through. This is particularly important in applications where a round object is to be measured using its shadow image, but the precision requirements do not permit the use of telecentric illumination.

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