Nominal speed nN [rpm] 2200
Number of pole pairs 5
Nominal torque Mn [Nm] 5.000
Nominal power PN [W] 1048
Nominal current IN [A] 2.300
Stall torque M0 [Nm] 5.500
Stall current I0 [A] 2.500
Maximum torque Mmax [Nm] 15.20
Maximum current Imax [A] 10.70
Maximum speed nmax [rpm] 12000
Torque constant KT [Nm/A] 2.220
Voltage constant KE [V/1000 rpm] 134.00
Stator resistance R2ph [Ω] 11.530
Stator inductance L2ph [mH] 81.10000
Electrical time constant tel [ms] 7.000
Thermal time constant ttherm [min] 25.0
Moment of inertia J [kgcm2] 1.8700
Weight without brake m [kg] 4.50
Holding brake
Holding torque of brake MBr [Nm] 8.00
Mass of brake [kg] 1.00
Moment of inertia of brake JBr [kgcm2] 0.5400
ACOPOS 8Vxxxx.xx... 1045
ACOPOSmulti 8BVIxxxx... 0028
Cross section for B&R motor cables [mm2] 1.5000
Synchronous motor, self cooling; Size 4; Length 3; Rated speed 2200 rpm;

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