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General information
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
EAC Product family certification
Operating conditions
Pollution degree per EN 61131-2 Pollution degree 2
Mechanical properties
Material Anodized aluminum E6/C0
Height 147 mm
Diameter 90 mm
Weight 1666 g

This document is not intended for end customers! The safety guidelines required for end customers must be incorporated into the operating instructions for end customers in the respective national language by the machine manufacturer or system provider.

The swivel-tilt flange is installed on the mounting unit and designed for swing arm systems with 48 mm shaft diameter. The range of rotation is from -150° to +150°; the tilting range is up to a maximum of 15°.

  • Swivel-tilt flange
  • Range of rotation: ±150°
  • Tilting range: ±15°
  • Stepless adjustment of the range of rotation and tilting range
  • For swing arm systems with 48 mm shaft diameter
  • Tightening torque for tilt flange locking lever: Max. 7 Nm
  • Tightening torque rotary flange locking lever: 5 Nm
  • Tightening torque for locking screw (M6) opposite the clamping lever: Max. 3 Nm

The swivel-tilt flange is generally compatible with all panel sizes.
Use in conjunction with panels in portrait format is not recommended since the range of rotation and tilt cannot be fully utilized.

After adjusting the rotation and/or tilt angle, the corresponding locking lever must be fixed in position (see above for the maximum tightening torques).
The screw in the locking lever is not permitted to be tightened. Fixing must be carried out exclusively with the locking lever.

AP5000 flange - Swivel-tilt flange for swing arm - For swing arm mounting unit
M-CAD (Механические шаблоны) Version (Date) Download
3D Daten DXF/STEP 5ACCFL00.0100-000 ZIP / 3 MB
Документация Version (Date) Download
Automation Panel - AP5000 - Swing arm - Device number key PDF / 206 KB
Datenblatt 5ACCFL00.0100-000 PDF / 282 KB
PPC2100 - AP5000 - Swing arm - Device number key PDF / 117 KB
Panel PC 2100 (AP5000) Swing arm devices user's manual PDF / 42 MB

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