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General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.3.3 or later
Automation Runtime B4.34 or later
mapp Technology Package mapp Control
Behavior when license is missing Solid red LED indicates license violation
CE Not relevant
UL Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
  • Individual control concepts
  • Simple data evaluation
  • System identification
  • Different autotuning methods
  • Matrix operations

This license covers all basic areas of closed-loop control and signal processing. Advanced control functions such as autotuning, system identification, statistical data evaluation and profile generation are also available, enabling processes to be optimized simply and efficiently.

Typical applications:
  • All closed-loop control applications
  • Process optimization
  • Signal processing
  • Data processing
Functional scope:

mapp Control contains function blocks and mapp Control Tools components that can be used to design custom control loops. Various autotuning methods allow all control parameters for a process to be calculated quickly and easily. A wide range of filters for signal filtering are available. A variety of statistical functions allow optimal evaluation of processes. The package is rounded off with options for profile generation and simple linear algebraic equations. mapp Control Tools thus offer a simple approach to a complete package of basic closed-loop control functions.

Дополнительная информация:

See the EULA at www.br-automation.com/eula.

Необходимые аксессуары
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
Сертификаты Version (Date) Download
EULA (End User License Agreement) - AR & mapp Technology PDF / 321 KB

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