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General information
System requirements
Automation Studio 4.3.3 or later
Automation Runtime B4.34 or later
mapp Technology Package mapp View
Basic package license 1TGMPVIEW.00-01
Behavior when license is missing A red blinking LED indicates a license violation, the HMI application is only provided to one client.
UN ECE-R10 Not relevant
CE Not relevant
UL Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
  • Showing the HMI application in the web browser with B&R hardware

This license makes it possible to use additional B&R display devices to display mapp View HMI applications.

Typical applications:
  • Applications in which more than one HMI screen is needed
Functional scope:

Client license for additional B&R display devices.

Дополнительная информация:

See the EULA at www.br-automation.com/eula.

Необходимые аксессуары
Technology Guard
0TG1000.01 Technology Guard (MSD)
0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID)
1TGMPVIEW.00-01 Contains mapp View server, one client license and a standard set of widgets
Сертификаты Version (Date) Download
EULA (End User License Agreement) - AR & mapp Technology PDF / 321 KB

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