30-year Anniversary Event – B&R Switzerland

When: Thurs, September 21, 2017

Where: 8500 Frauenfeld

30 Years B&R Switzerland – A success story

B&R Industrie-Automation AG in Frauenfeld was founded in 1987. From the beginning, having a genuine partnership with customers – machine manufacturers from a wide variety of industries – was the defined objective. Since that time, our close cooperation with customers has included B&R Switzerland providing specialists on request for advice and support in each phase of product development.

Together, we have set significant milestones in automation technology and achieved a great deal! We began 30 years ago with a very small team and have since become well-established in the Swiss automation market. The success of B&R Switzerland is a product of engineering expertise and close collaboration with our customers and partners.

Leading manufacturers of machines and systems rely on B&R. B&R Switzerland has been steadily expanding in the areas of sales, marketing, application engineering and service and since 2011 also in the area of R&D. 

In Switzerland, we now also rank among the top automation providers with regard to sales volume. For seven years now, B&R Switzerland has had an office in Biel. The team in Frauenfeld and Biel has now grown to include 60 employees.

B&R Switzerland is proud to be an important B&R subsidiary. This is reason enough to celebrate together with loyal customers and good business partners!

Celebration... Enjoyment ... Entertainment...

The anniversary event will take place in Frauenfeld on Thursday, September 21, 2017 starting at 2:00 PM.

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