Machine vision is an important tool for the optimization and automatic control of production processes. This can be achieved quickly using B&R vision products, integrated image processing functions and the POWERLINK bus system.



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Basic technical training

Automation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]

3 days


This training is not suitable for people who are sensitive to light due to the increased effect of light that occurs.

Learning objectives and content

  • B&R machine vision portfolio
  • Hardware implementation and configuration
  • Image acquisition and interpretation of the results
  • Relationship between light, optics and sensor technology
  • Vision functions (integrated image processing functions) - Configuration, practical use and areas of application
  • mapp Vision HMI application (configuration interface)
  • Synchronization of vision hardware with the POWERLINK bus system

Responsibilities include

  • Participants will implement the vision hardware into a project and then configure it.
  • Participants will perform image acquisition with different illumination types, exposure times and depth of field settings.
  • Participants will use the vision functions (image processing functions).
  • Participants will use the mapp Vision HMI (configuration interface).
  • Participants will synchronize the vision hardware with the POWERLINK bus system.

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