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Best-in-class reliability

A common problem faced with today's intelligent transport technology is the short useful life of moving parts. Our low-maintenance technology is based on 14 years of field experience. We offer industry-proven reliability for today's competitive 24/7 production environments.

Integrated safety

The intelligent safety technology embedded in B&R's smart digital movers is the key to maximizing both operator protection and machine productivity. Smart reactions to safety events boost machine availability, while ultrafast response times help shrink the machine footprint – a powerful combination that creates unique value.

Low maintenance & Easy service

Our versatile transport system is designed for extremely low MTTR rates that keep downtime short in the rare cases that it does occur. Segments and shuttles can easily be replaced without having to dismantle the track.

Seamless integration

In the era of smart manufacturing, integration of automation and IT ecosystems is no longer an option but an absolute requirement. Low-latency, hard real-time synchronization with all types of external servo axes guarantees high-precision, high-quality production output.


Intelligent transport systems play an important role in the transition to software-based product changeover and machine reconfiguration. With a large portion of the engineering work shifting from mechanics to software, Automation Studio integrates engineering, configuration and diagnostics to ensure modular usability for the full lifecycle of your equipment.


To get the most out of your application and benefit from the flexibility of this technology, you need a finely-tuned system configuration. Comprehensive simulation capabilities support you throughout every phase of your project.


The centralized control architecture used in conventional intelligent transport systems places severe limitations on track length due to the high volume of communication data. Versatile transport technology from B&R is based on a highly decentralized architecture that allows track lengths in excess of 50 meters.

Hygienic design

In applications such as food processing and primary packaging, hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance. Processing equipment must be durable and resistant to high-pressure, high-temperature washdown.

Added value for your machine

  • Complete flexibility of product transport
  • Reduced machine footprint and volume
  • Efficient production of any batch size
  • Seamless transitions between batch and continuous-flow processes
  • Higher production speeds
  • Gentle product handling
  • Quiet operation
  • Improved fault tolerance

The perfect solution for

  • Variable-pitch transport and positioning
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Elimination of expensive buffer zones
  • Variable-speed product transport
  • Overcoming limitations of processing speed
  • Innovative next-generation machine designs
  • Dramatically reduced changeover times
  • More profitable short runs
  • Replacing chains or belts
  • High-precision product processing along the track

From the technology to the product

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