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Quantity 1
Type RAFIX 22 FS+ illuminated
Selector switch
Quantity 1
Type RAFIX 22 FS+ selector switch 2x60°, maintained
Emergency switch-off
Quantity 1
Type Emergency stop button RAFIX 22, 2NC, connector
Mechanical properties
Width 300 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 80 mm
Material number:

Only a few switching elements are needed for implementing simple safety applications in a laboratory environment. When used together with the ETAL510.1000-1, several applications encountered in real machines can be easily practiced.

This product is prepared for connection to ETAL510.1000-1.

  • ETAL150.1000-1 - Keypad module, prewired for X20SLX482
  • Completely wired
  • No additional power supply required.
  • 1 push-button, 1 selector switch, 1 emergency switch-off

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