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Quantity 2
Type RAFIX 22 FS+ illuminated
Selector switch
Quantity 1
Type RAFIX 22 FS+ selector switch 2x60°, maintained
Quantity 1
Type RAFIX 22QR potentiometer drive
Optional operating elements
Quantity 1
Type RAFIX22 FS+ illuminated actuator yellow
Mechanical properties
Width 300 mm
Height 90 mm
Depth 70 mm
Material number:

ETAL210.1030-1 already offers a wide range of possibilities. The ETAL unit can be extended by this product to implement exercises with sensors and actuators. Simple exercises can be implemented, such as latching or level monitoring, as can more complex tasks such as traffic lights or running lights.

This product is prepared for connection to ETAL210.1030-1.

  • ETAL120.1030-1 - Keypad module, prewired for X20CP13xx
  • Completely wired, ready to go.
  • No additional power supply required
  • 2 buttons, 2 maintained buttons
  • Each with 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 green lens
  • Potentiometer for analog value input

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