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Regardless of whether a drum or ring debarker is used to process the logs, debarking machines require fast synchronization timing for motion control. B&R offers powerful controllers that can make complex mathematical calculations at high speeds. The integration of cameras and laser measurement systems also ensures a high degree of flexibility.

Additional advantages

  • Laser detection of trunk cross-section
  • Calculation of the stripping area
  • Synchronization of the blade to the trunk's movement
  • Remote I/O with distances up to 100 m between modules
  • Mobile Panel operation

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Synchronization and performance

Fully scalable controllers from B&R provide enough power for any complex mathematical algorithms to run directly on the controller without requiring additional PCs. Directly connecting cameras and/or laser systems to monitor the process and ensure quality are also part of the integrated automation solutions provided by B&R. This integration and the extremely short response times achieved by POWERLINK, NetTime and reACTION technology increase productivity and improve quality.

Condition monitoring

The ability to predict machine and system failures before they occur reduces costs and increases availability. This is why B&R offers many different possibilities for taking advantage of condition monitoring.

Condition monitoring modules from the X20 series can accurately determine cases where service work may be needed. In addition to being extremely easy to configure, they also handle vibration analysis themselves. This makes it possible to easily leverage the data from condition monitoring modules to efficiently optimize existing processes.

APROL ConMon – an out-of-the-box condition monitoring solution also offered by B&R – provides even more extensive possibilities. This system continually measures, records and analyzes all relevant data to provide the information needed for efficient condition-based maintenance. Sustainable improvements to machine and system availability are the end result. APROL ConMon is based on and can be seamlessly integrated into B&R's APROL process control system. It is also available as a standalone version.

Optimized wiring with a distributed fieldbus system

Wiring large machines can be quite a complex venture if all I/O modules are installed in a central control cabinet. B&R's distributed approach allows easy installation and thus reduces associated costs. IP20- and IP67-rated I/O modules, control modules for valve terminals, keys, remote display units, distributed frequency inverters or servo drives or motors with integrated drives can be easily, reliably and inexpensively networked using POWERLINK. And because software and parameter settings are managed centrally, the system can be programmed as if all components are located in a single control cabinet.

Safety first!

With the openSAFETY protocol as its foundation, B&R offers the most comprehensive integrated safety portfolio on the market. The fastest response time on the market, combined with SafeMOTION function blocks such as Safe Torque Off (STO), Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safely Limited Position (SLP) and Safe Direction (SDI), makes possible the development of previously unimaginable machine concepts. The same applies to robotics applications. Here, SafeROBOTICS monitors the entire kinematic chain. Transferring openSAFETY data via POWERLINK allows the implementation of safety solutions up to SIL 3 (IEC EN 6206) or PL e category 4 (EN ISO 13849-1). The safety controller and remote safe I/O replace conventional hardwiring and increase flexibility during commissioning and operation.

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