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Innovations 2017

    When: Nov. 22.-24, 2016
    Where: Nuremberg
    Hall 7, Booth 206/114

We'd once again like to give you an early look at the innovations arriving in 2017. The products highlighted here are designed to facilitate the connected manufacturing of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here are some of our most exciting new solutions:

Intelligent industrial transport system

With the new SuperTrak industrial transport system, you can produce customized products with mass-production efficiency. SuperTrak raises the bar on advanced conveyor technology. Products are moved through the assembly line on independent shuttles, reducing changeover times or eliminating them entirely. Shuttle movements are perfectly synchronized with robotics and CNC systems. >> More about SuperTrak


Seamless, effortless safety for production lines

It just got a whole lot easier to implement safety technology for today's flexible, modular production lines: Combining the OPC UA and openSAFETY protocols for communication and safety opens up exciting new possibilities for integrated safety technology across multi-vendor lines. More info coming soon.


Cloud solution for process control

It will soon be possible to install and run B&R's APROL process control solution in the cloud. Process data is compressed and made available via the cloud, where it can be used and analyzed from anywhere in the world. The system architecture ensures maximum security. >> More about APROL in the cloud


Efficiency boost for legacy systems

B&R's Orange Box is a brownfield solution that makes it easy to equip an existing plant with a manufacturing intelligence system. Installing the data acquisition and analysis tool is a simple matter of configuration and doesn't require any modification of the legacy machine software. The Orange Box can be implemented in any existing plant – regardless of what controller is used. Both its hardware and its software can easily be scaled at any time. More info coming soon.

New possibilities for HMI design

The latest additions to mapp View offer new possibilities for HMI applications in terms of both design and functionality. mapp View enables automation engineers to create web-based HMI applications on their own – without any knowledge of the underlying web technology: >> More about mapp View

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