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Humans and robots, hand in hand

B&R provides solutions for industry 4.0 in the food and beverage industry

Enrico Paolucci


Designing automation systems that meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution requires ultimate flexibility and the integration of robotics technology. The Anuga FoodTec trade fair is therefore the perfect venue for B&R to present its exciting new safety technologies for robotics applications and other systems related to the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Visit us in Hall 7 / Booth 39

Enrico, until now B&R has concentrated primarily on the machine manufacturing industry.
What is the reason behind now directly addressing companies from the food and beverage industry at the Anuga FoodTec fair as well?

With the fourth industrial revolution, the complexity of production processes is growing rapidly. In an effort to adapt to these new challenges, food and beverage companies are increasingly turning to automation technology. B&R offers food and beverage producers integrated automation solutions that can increase their competitive edge as they transition to Industry 4.0.

The Industry 4.0 concept requires increased flexibility and the integration of robotics technology.
What can you do to make overall implementation easier?

Our SafeROBOTICS function, for example, eliminate the need for a safety cage and allow robots and human operators to work hand in hand. In addition to the already well-established functions for monitoring the speed of a robot's joints and tool center point (TCP), B&R's range of SafeROBOTICS functions has been expanded to include monitoring of workspace boundaries and the orientation of the tool mounting flange.

What are some of the things that Industry 4.0 will change across the food and beverage industry?

In the future, humans and robots will have to be able to work together side by side much more intensively. Factories will become more productive by increasing efficiency and developing new approaches to producing food and beverages. Machinery and other equipment will become even more optimized and flexible than is the case today, which will also directly affect new production criteria. Efficiency across the entire system will thus result in higher profitability, faster production availability, and reductions in overall lifecycle costs.

What are some ways that B&R can help improve efficiency in factory automation?

With technologies like Scalability+ and ready-to-use solutions for energy monitoring, condition monitoring and process data collection, we have a wide range of tools at our disposal to ensure that users will be able to adapt to the production requirements of the future. Our Scalability+ concept, for example, makes it possible to implement new approaches to machinery to achieve the necessary flexibility and modularity that tomorrow's production will demand.

Enrico Paolucci
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