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Visão geral do sistema

The model numbers for the ETA systems listed include all electromechanical components in the delivery.

  • Partes eletromecânicas
  • Construção mecânica básica
  • Feixe de cabos blindados pré-montados
  • Sensores e atuadores necessários

A seleção dos componentes B&R recomendados para os cabos blindados pré-montados podem ser encontrados aqui:ETA Standard System - B&R Components

The ETAs are divided into two different groups: These groups are "Standalone" and "Extension".

  • ETA210.0100-100_in_action_Desiree
  • ETA210.0100-100_ANW_X20 Seite
  • ETA210.0106-100_ANW_PP500_v.r.
  • ETA280.0102-100_ANW_vorne
  • ETA510.0102-100_ANW_vorne
  • ETA830.0106-100_ANW_links
  • ETA410.0100-110_ANW_vorne
  • ETA410.0100-120_ANW_vorne
  • ETA410.0100-140_ANW_vorne
  • ETA540.0101-100_ANW_vorne

"Standalone" ETA system
  • All "Standalone" ETA systems can be operated independently because they include an X20 controller. They can also communicate with other ETA systems and exchange data via Ethernet or POWERLINK.
    CPU X20

"Extension" ETA system
  • "Extension" ETA systems do not include a controller. Therefore they must be used in combination with a "Standalone" variant. Communication between the various systems is handled easily and effectively with POWERLINK.
    POWERLINIK connects
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