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Guidelines for contacting Education Support


If you would like to contact us, we need some information about you and your inquiry.

  • Please provide the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Educational institution
  • Function [student, teacher]
  • Telephone number (landline or cell phone) for a personal callback
  • Email address for further correspondence
  • Technical inquiries

  • Project-specific inquiries

  • Questions about tutorials

  • Questions about seminars

Technical inquiries

  • Please provide the following information:
  • What modules and components are being used?
  • What initiated this question?
  • Is it possible to find the required information in the Automation Studio help system or the user's manual?

Project-specific inquiries

  • Please provide the following information:
  • Name of the project - What is the topic?
  • Who is in charge of the project?
  • A short description and diagram of the project.
  • A detailed description of your inquiry.

Questions about tutorials

If the tutorials, manuals, training modules and the help system have not answered all your questions, please let us know. Tell us with what is missing and where the context is not clear.

Questions about seminars

Are you interested in classroom-based seminars? Seminars are free for students and teachers at Austrian educational institutions. Let us know what type of preparation you need. We will recommend the optimal combinations from our standard seminar program.

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