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mapp Motion

Fast and easy motion control programming

With mapp Motion, B&R provides a completely new approach to motion control programming. This solution includes components for controlling single-axis movements as well as CNC and robotics applications. As part of the mapp software framework, the new motion components can be combined as needed and easily configured. Users benefit from faster and easier project development.

With its holistic approach to single axes and axis groups, such as robots or CNC channels, mapp Motion makes it possible to control these different applications in a consistent way. As a result, they can be freely combined in an application.

A complete package for all applications

B&R provides mapp components for programming single axes (mapp Axis) as well as for programming CNC machines (mapp CNC) and robotics applications (mapp Robotics).

mapp motion

In addition, applications can also be programmed using PLCopen Part 1 or Part 4 function blocks. Of course, mapp Motion can be used to implement all ACOPOS drive system components.

Faster development with mapp Motion

Users of mapp components benefit from faster and easier project development, because basic functions have already been implemented in the components and only need to be configured for the respective application. With mapp Motion, the APIs are independent of both the hardware and technology platforms. As a result, a single application program can be reused for recurring positioning sequences or different machine variants – regardless of the drive hardware being used.

Easy configuration

B&R also offers mechatronic templates for common configurations such as standard kinematic chains. The Automation Studio development environment even has ready-made parameter settings for specific robot models, which include dimensions or dynamic response parameters. This minimizes the time needed for configuration.

  • Highlights
  • Easy configuration
  • Fast project development
  • Configuring, not programming
  • Compatible with all drive components
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