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Automation PC 910

Exceptional performance in a modular design

The whole range of processors available for the Automation PC 910 provide maximum computing power for the most complex tasks. They are based on the 6th generation of Core i-series processors – the benchmark for top-performing PC architectures. The size of the chip has been reduced to an impressive 14 nanometers. A new microarchitecture with the graphics unit integrated directly in the CPU provides a considerable leap in performance over previous generations of Core i processors. Graphics performance has also been improved with the addition of support for DirectX 12.

Future proof

With state-of-the-art PC components, the Automation PC 910 ensures many years of availability. The PC infrastructure has been streamlined for maximum computing performance and optimal data throughput. The APC910 takes advantage of modular accessory components such as interface modules and mass storage devices (hard disk, SSD, CFast card) that considerably simplify stock management. It is not necessary to make continuous adjustments to the PC hardware over time, which adds up to its own cost advantages.

  • Highlights:
    • Intel Core i-series processors
    • Intel Celeron processors
    • Manufactured using state-of-the-art 14 nm process
    • Maximum CPU performance
    • Minimum power consumption
    • Up to 4 cores
    • Maximum graphics performance
    • DirectX 12, OpenGL 3.1, OpenCL 1.1
    • Intel Turbo Boost Technology
    • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
    • Highly efficient energy management
    • Multi-touch panels (projected capacitive)
    • Single-touch panels (analog resistive)
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