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Power Panel with controller functionality

Power Panel C70

C-Series Power Panels are terminals with a built-in PLC. By using an Intel Atom processor, the speed is so high that applications can achieve cycle times down to 1 ms. Automation Runtime, which provides up to eight task classes, is the basis for this. To allow optimal use of this performance, the Power Panel C70 has a wide range of integrated interfaces: POWERLINK, Ethernet, X2X Link, USB as well as optional CAN.



  • Intel Atom 333 MHz comp.
  • 256 MB DDRAM
  • 16 kB NV RAM
  • 2 GB onboard flash drive
  • Fastest cycle time: 1 ms

  • For remote connection of I/O modules, axes and safety equipment
Standard Ethernet
  • 10/100 Mbit/s for example for OPC UA
USB 2.0
  • For updates and the application
I/O interface
  • X2X Link for direct I/O connections
Optional interface board
  • 2x CAN
  • 1x CAN + 1x RS232
  • 1x CAN + 1x RS485
Cable outlet
  • Optimized cable outlet
  • 4.3" (bottom)
  • 5.7" (side)
  • 7" (side)
  • 10.1" (bottom)

Touch button

C-Series devices also have a touch button integrated just outside the monitor in the lower right corner of the panel overlay. As with the T30, this element can be elegantly integrated in the visualization application. This makes it easy to switch between device series without having to make any changes to your application.



The installation and frame dimensions of Power Panel C-Series and T-Series devices are identical. It is easy to switch between the panel models depending on machine requirements. This also makes automation concepts much more flexible. You can always install the most cost-effective solution for your application.



Even though Power Panels are big on power, they are unbelievably compact. A very small installation depth and minimum border width are characteristic of all of these devices in all sizes. Yet, even with the reduced dimensions, no compromises were made with regard to mounting stability or seal integrity. This is quality you can depend on.

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