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Real solutions in action

In the consumer packaged goods industry, a product's packaging plays a crucial role in its success. As the intermediary between consumer and product, packaging must strike a perfect balance between functionality and design, and it must do so within the constraints of technical and economic feasibility. Below are five examples of how industry leaders have tackled the requirements of the packaging industry in real-world applications.


The VersaFilm shrink bundler from Cermex reduces the need for corrugated material and achieves 1,000 bottle per minute throughputs with over 98% efficiency, using a new B&R automation platform.


Using one hundred servo axes, the modular, re configurable, GMP-designed Dividella cartoner from Koerber Medipak provides rapid changeover, recipe management, data access, detailed diagnostics, and simplified parameterization instead of programming, all from a graphical HMI.


TopTier's new L7 All Electric palletizer features PerfectPattern ™ technology, guaranteeing precise placement of cases on the row-build section, as well as confirming case rotation and size. The modular B&R ACOPOSmulti drive system allows for easy configuration and the option to control up to 30 drives on a single Ethernet IP connection.


Krones presents its award-winning EvoLite packaging machine. To provide safe, highly repeatable and reliable machine automation, B&R solutions are fully integrated with the machine automation system.


Z-Italia offers the only labeling machine on the market featuring safe motion, a unique capability provided by B&R networked safety technology.

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