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Generic Motion Control

Developing machine concepts in today's world goes far and beyond the simple lining up of individual processes to be executed one after the other. There are often direct links between path control with I/O processing and process-dependent intervention in the drive functions. Auxiliary axes need to be coupled to path axes, and it must be possible to display all sequences in real time. That machines must be networked to accomplish all of this as well as for remote intervention and diagnostics goes without saying.

B&R improves the efficiency of machines and systems by combining CNC, robotics and motion control into a single software platform called Generic Motion Control (GMC). One feature that makes GMC unique is that it can be used for all drive types, including hydraulic drives and servo technology. GMC integrates seamlessly into the machine application, allowing it to be customized for the specific task at hand. The flexibility of GMC also makes it easy to integrate existing CNC and robotics dialects.

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