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More than 100 packaging machine manufacturers already rely on B&R automation.

  • SCM Group - DMC

    Our Machines are designed for uninterrupted 24/7 poduction. That's why we need fully integrated automation. We were always able to count on outstanding cooperation with B&R.

    Enrico Tondelli, Project Manager R&D DMC


    More than seven years ago, we selected the B&R control system to partner with our machining centers in a synergistic move to further enhance the cutting edge technology & proven reliability that our customers have come to expect when purchasing an Onsrud CNC

    Tom Onsrud, President of C. R. Onsrud


    Panotec started to work with B&R 10 years ago and since then has been very succesfull. We found in B&R a good partner, a good supplier for products, reliability, features.

    Carlo Capoia - Sales Director Panotec


    Our customer were looking for more sophisticated solutions. For us, this means turning the attention to the entire working process, not just to a single machine. The B&R hard- and software contributed to this and has allowed our solution to make a big step forward in terms of quality

    Sergio Della Mea, President CMA Robotics

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