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openSAFETY is the first open and only truly bus-independent safety standard available for all industrial Ethernet and fieldbus solutions. This technology makes it easier to implement safety solutions in compliance with current 2006/42/EC machine guidelines as well as other applicable standards. Using the "black channel" principle, openSAFETY is the only safety protocol in the world that can transfer secure data via any fieldbus system. Find out more

Additional advantages

  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Generic Motion Control


Classic fieldbus systems allow automation products from different manufacturers to be combined based on standardized technology. However, limited functionality often made it necessary to use different fieldbus systems for different automation tasks. This required the use of different tools and additional interface modules and also ran up against limitations when it came to diagnostics and infrastructure components. Find out more


Process control applications range from small laboratory automation systems to extensive plants. The process control system offered by B&R provides distinctive scaling possibilities that make it possible to cover every area of an application. It also provides support to system integrators and operators throughout the system's entire life cycle – from planning, library creation and configuration to commissioning and operation. Seamless integration and intuitive operation reduce setup times and ensure the highest level of machine and system productivity while providing flexibility for product changeovers.

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