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SEM611 – Automation Studio Training: Einführung mapp View

    • Model number:
    • SEM611.3

    • Description:
    • Smart devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. are considered perfect examples of powerful technology with ultimate usability. Unsurprisingly, operators of industrial machines and systems – and therefore also manufacturers of such equipment – desire nothing less when interacting with the machinery they use every day. With mapp View, B&R now offers access to web technology that can be used to develop HMI systems for B&R automation applications. Application engineers can use mapp View to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions. The web technology used here is encapsulated with mapp View. Learning a broad field of technology is not necessary. HMI developers can focus entirely on creating a solution for the task at hand.

      Lernziele und Inhalte

      • Overview of HMI applications and hardware
      • mapp View concept
      • mapp View programming guide
      • Page creation and navigation
      • Visual appearance - Styling
      • Data binding via OPC UA
      • Integrating media files
      • User role system
      • Localization
      • Events and actions
      • Display alarms, charts and data in mapp View
      • Creating efficient mapp View HMI applications
      mapp View

      Zu Ihren Aufgaben zählen

      • Participants create concepts for HMI applications.
      • Participants configure HMI applications for machine operation.
      • Participants implement designs for various operator panels.
      • Participants integrate HMI applications in machines.
      • Participants utilize web technology on mobile devices.
    • Prerequisites:
    • SEM210 – Automation Studio Training: Basics

      Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R control components. Core issues include getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and knowing the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics.

      • B&R company presentation
      • B&R philosophy and products
      • Working with Automation Studio
      • Using the integrated help system
      • Establishing an online connection to the controller
      • Initial installation of a controller
      • Developing the hardware configuration
      • Working with text and table editors
      • Functions and options offered by Automation Runtime1
      • Automation Runtime configuration options
      • Runtime and boot behavior of the controller
      • Using the integrated diagnostic options
      • Overview of available programming languages
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