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Training: Axis groups and path-controlled movements [SEM1110.2]

Axis groups expand the B&R Motion Control concept by adding functionality that allows multiple axes to be grouped together. As a result, tasks can be executed for multiple axes with only one function block. The groups are programmed using mapp technology and standardized PLCopen function blocks. The areas of use are extremely versatile and range from single-axis groups to CNC and robotics applications and even combinations with different axis types.

Path-controlled movements are the foundation for complex, high-precision manufacturing tasks. Generic Motion Control from B&R allows them to be seamlessly integrated into the machine application. The range of potential applications is extremely diverse, reaching from CNC machines to robotic applications with high-speed pick-and-place tasks. Grouping the axes and using mapp function blocks significantly reduces the amount of programming work and simplifies commissioning.

Learning objectives and content

  • Overview of the Generic Motion Control concept
  • Overview of the Axis Group concept
  • Axis group configuration in Automation Studio
  • Axis group commissioning and diagnostics
  • Integrating axis groups in the control program
  • Programming with mapp technology and PLCopen function blocks.
  • CNC technology
  • General information about path-controlled movements
  • Path calculation and cyclic setpoint generation
  • PLCopen – Programming path-controlled movements
  • Dynamic parameters
  • Communication between a CNC application and the PLC

Responsibilities include

  • You start up axes and complete related diagnostic work.
  • You manage a large number of axes in automation projects.
  • You integrate path-controlled axis movements in automation projects.
  • You create software used to execute CNC programs on a PLC.
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