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General information
Short description ACOPOS P3 cover, B&R orange, single-width, suitable for servo drives 8EI2X2xxDxx.xxxx-x / 8EI2X2xxTxx.xxxx-x / 8EI4X5xxDxx.xxxx-x / 8EI4X5xxTxx.xxxx-x / 8EI8X8xxDxx.xxxx-x / 8EI8X8xxTxx.xxxx-x / 8EI013xxSxx.xxxx-x / 8EI017xxSxx.xxxx-x
CE Yes
Functional safety Not relevant
UL Not relevant
EAC Not relevant
KC Not relevant
Mechanical properties
Width 66 mm
Length 320 mm
Height 47 mm
Weight 123 g
Materiaal nummer:

8EXA covers protect the interfaces on the front of ACOPOS P3 8EI servo drives and contribute to a uniform appearance inside the control cabinet.

ACOPOS P3 cover, B&R orange, single-width, height 2
Verdere informatie:

B&R Panel Designer

Certificaten Versie (datum) Download
Declaration Servos ACOPOS P3 PDF / 307 KB
Declaration of conformity Servos PDF / 163 KB
Documentatie Versie (datum) Download
Datasheet 8EXA200.0010-00 PDF / 75 KB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Versie (datum) Download
3D file STEP 8EXA200.0010-00 ZIP / 2 MB

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