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Taking precision and robustness to a whole new level

Efficient winder technology for printing on ultra-thin plastic film

One the of the latest technological innovations at B&R is a high-precision, robust software library for controlling winder processes. It can handle open-loop tension control using a set torque value or closed-loop tension control with the aid of measurement value feedback or a dancer.

The benefits are impressive: Tension can be stabilized even in the acceleration and deceleration phases by automatically adjusting both the speed control parameters of the drive and the feed-forward controls for speed and acceleration. Together with a precise calculation of the winder diameter, these features take precision and robustness to a whole new level. High-quality printing on ultra-thin highly elastic film demands this type of advanced technology, which can boost the efficiency of these machines.

The range of functions is not limited solely to printing machines, however; it includes all winding processes such as those involving wire saws, sheet metal, textiles, and much more.

Kies land en taal alstublieft

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