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B&R expands its Business Development department

Thomas Rienessl named Head of Business Development, Industries

B&R has named Thomas Rienessl as Head of Business Development, Industries, along with adding a number of new personnel to the Business Development department. "We've put ourselves in an excellent position to provide our customers even more specialized support to achieve optimal solutions for automating their machines and plants," says general manager Peter Gucher.

"Nearly every industry has unique requirements that demand specialized technologies," explains Rienessl. Some examples include the registration mark detection technology required in packaging and printing and the servo pump control technology required in injection molding processes for the plastics industry.

Manufacturers of industrial and consumer goods have their own challenges, such as maximizing system availability. To meet these challenges, they need cutting-edge automation solutions for transparent production processes that utilize resources as efficiently as possible. They also need convenient and intuitive tools for predictive maintenance. B&R's industry experts thoroughly understand these challenges and are there to help customers meet all of their industry-specific requirements.

Close to the customer

Each new machine or plant is expected to be more flexible and more efficient than the one that came before it. "This presents our customers with a never-ending cycle of new challenges," says Rienessl. "By identifying the automation technology best suited for implementing our customers' ideas, B&R's industry experts are there to help them create innovative solutions that not only maintain but expand their competitive edge."

In 2015, B&R will be presenting its pioneering solutions and technologies at more than 20 industry trade fairs around the world. For a schedule of events and more detailed information about industry-specific applications, visit

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