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Power Panel 65

Power Panel 65_white

Display and interfaces provide flexibility

The Power Panel 65 provides maximum flexibility with two different display types with identical installation dimensions: a 5.7" model with touch screen (and no function keys) and a 3.5" model with touch screen and 30 function keys. Equipped with 2 USB interface and a Fast Ethernet port for exchanging data with higher-level systems, the Power Panel 65 is also available with integrated X2X Link or POWERLINK interface options for connecting remote I/O modules and drives. These systems can be further extended with RS232/RS485, CAN bus and PROFIBUS DP slave interfaces to meet any requirement.

Ideal for multi-axis applications

The Power Panel 65 is equipped with a powerful Geode LX800 processor with 500 MHz, making this system ideal for multi-axis applications that require high computing performance but have limited space in the control cabinet.


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