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Configuring drives

Automation Studio has a full selection of powerful, integrated tools for positioning tasks. According to the motto "Configuring, not programming," even extremely complex motion applications can be realized in Automation Studio without having to resort to elaborate programming.

The PLCopen motion control function blocks that conform to IEC 61131-3 provide users with optimal support for direct programming.

Project development

  • Getting Started wizard
  • Project engineering for drives is done in a simple and uniform manner with the help of wizards.

  • Uniform configuration of servo drives, frequency inverters and stepper motors
  • Intuitive and practical guidance using wizards with working default settings
  • Working axes without programming and ready for initial testing
  • Despite being easy to start working with, it is still possible to take advantage of the extensive range of configuration options for B&R drives.
  • CAM editor
  • Clear representation
  • Convenience of drag-and-drop or direct entry of polynomial points
  • Analysis of movement quality for acceleration, jolt
  • Importing coordinate tables from CAD/CAM systems
  • Dynamic limit value monitoring even while the master is accelerating
  • Motion rules and profiles according to VDI 2143
  • Curves are calculated and shown as 5th or 6th order polynomials
  • Automatic calculation of compensation gear for lead-in to cam profile
  • PLCopen MC
  • Standardized programming in accordance with PLCopen
  • Single-axis functions
  • Multi-axis functions
  • B&R expansions
  • CNC
  • Integrated Soft CNC solution No special controllers required – can be run on standard B&R CPUs
  • Homogeneous, integrated ACOPOS servo drives and ACOPOSmicro stepper motor drives
  • Flexibility by combining control tasks and CNC programs
  • Dynamic inclusion and exclusion of axes in a CNC group
  • 8 independent CNC channels Up to a total of 100 axes for positioning, CNC and electronic gears
  • Nearly unlimited system memory for CNC programs
  • Support of standard and user-defined kinematics


  • Simulation of motion control and CNC based on Windows runtime simulation
  • Automatic encoder phasing
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters
  • Automatic autotuning of controller cascade


  • NC Test
  • Test window in which all relevant data and control commands for axes are clearly summarized
  • Consists of command interface, oscilloscope and axis monitor
  • Issuing commands (switch controller on/off, home, start/stop movement)
  • Each command can be combined with automatically starting the oscilloscope.
  • NC oscilloscope
  • Clear and intuitive configuration
  • Sampling rate of 50 µs
  • Any trigger (pre/post)
  • x/y display
  • Mathematic operations (FFT, LP, TP, DIFF, etc.)
  • Calculation of RMS value
  • Save and load data in .csv and MATLAB format (.mat)
  • Measurement and reference cursor
  • Zoom function
  • NC Monitor
  • Clear display of axis status information
  • Active/Inactive monitoring
  • Controller on/off
  • Simulation on/off
  • Homed on/off
  • Errors pending or acknowledged
  • Access to all relevant axis data in structured form
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